Photovoltaic welding strip cleaning agent


  • Inventors: REN HAITAO
  • Assignees: 任海涛
  • Publication Date: August 24, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105887115-A


The invention discloses a photovoltaic welding strip cleaning agent. The photovoltaic welding strip cleaning agent is prepared by the following raw materials of, by weight, 0.01-0.3% of organic acid, 0.005-0.2% of nonionic surface active agent, 0.005-0.2% of anion surface active agent, 0.5-3% of ethers solvent, 0.5-3% of alcohols solvent, 0.01-0.15% of chelating agent, 0.001-0.2% of tributylstannane, and the balance de-ionized water. The cleaning agent can reduce residues of foreign bodies on the surface of a welding strip; and the added tributylstannane with low weight in percentage can prevent renewed oxidation of the surface of the welding strip, so that the cleaning effect of the cleaning agent on the welding strip is enhanced.




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