Temperature field single spectrum detection method



The present invention relates to the fluorescence temperature measurement field, in particular to a temperature field single spectrum detection method. The core parts of the present invention are that a plurality of temperature sensitive fluorescent materials having different intrinsic luminescent characteristics form a plurality of point temperature sensors, excitation light irradiates to the temperature detection points, and the fluorescence emitted by the different fluorescent materials is converged or beam combined, then enters a spectrograph and is superposed and recorded in a same emission spectrum; the spectrum carries the temperature information of the detection points, the non-interfering temperature-sensitive fluorescence characteristics of the fluorescent materials are selected from the spectrum, and the real-time temperatures of the fluorescent materials at the detection points are analyzed based on the temperature-sensitive functions of the fluorescence characteristics. The real-time temperature field information can be used to monitor a heat flux process and analyze the temperature uniformity of a tested surface.




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