Storage system and method for blood sample and test data thereof



The present invention provides a storage system and method for a blood sample and test data thereof. The system comprises a control unit, a sample storage unit, a data storage unit, an input unit, an output unit, a storage switch unit, a detection unit and a refrigeration unit. The control unit controls the storage switch unit, the sample storage unit, the data storage unit, the detection unit and the refrigeration unit according to a user instruction received by the input unit; the sample storage unit is used for freezing a blood sample; the storage switch unit accepts control of the control unit to open or close the sample storage unit; the input unit sends the received user instruction to the control unit; the output unit is used for presenting an operating state and an execution result of the storage switch unit and the like; and the data storage unit accepts control of the control unit to access sample information and test data thereof. By use of the system and method provided by the present invention, reliability of sample storage can be improved and storage costs can be reduced.




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