A vegetable fertilizing method


  • Inventors: CHEN SHAOGENG
  • Assignees: 陈绍庚
  • Publication Date: August 31, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105900585-A


A vegetable fertilizing method is disclosed. The method includes 1) measuring effective nutrients in soil to know the situation of nutrient contents of the soil, 2) predicting a yield to reach according to a planted crop, and calculating various needed fertilizers and using amounts according to a fertilizer requiring rule of the crop and the soil nutrient situation, and 3) reasonably arranging the various needed fertilizers, and performing base fertilizer application and topdressing. Through measuring the effective nutrients in the soil, the method calculates the various needed fertilizers and the using amounts according to the fertilizer requiring rule of the crop and the soil nutrient situation. The fertilizer utilizing efficiency is effectively increased.




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