Carborane organic silicon monomer and method for preparing same



The invention discloses a carborane organic silicon monomer and a method for preparing the same. The method includes carrying out Grignard reagent displacement reaction on aromatic dichlorosilane and ethynylmagnesium bromide to obtain aromatic diacetylene silane; carrying out addition cage reaction on the aromatic diacetylene silane and decaborane to obtain aromatic silicon methylene twin-carbon borane; carrying out reaction on the aromatic silicon methylene twin-carbon borane and dimethylchlorosilane to carry out silylation so as to obtain 1, 1'-silicon alkyl methylene-2, 2'-bis-(dimethylsilane) twin-carbon borane; chlorinating two end silicon-hydrogen bonds by means of chlorination reaction to obtain a product 1, 1'-silicon alkyl methylene-2, 2'-bis-(dimethyl chlorine silicon methyl) twin-carbon borane, namely, a carborane organic chlorosilane monomer. The aromatic dichlorosilane is used as a starting raw material. The carborane organic silicon monomer and the method have the advantages that phenyl and twin-carbon borane are introduced into the carborane organic silicon monomer, and accordingly the carborane organic silicon monomer can be used for preparing high-temperature-resistant polymers with excellent heat resistance and heat oxidation resistance; processes for preparing the carborane organic silicon monomer are simple and convenient, reaction conditions are mild, raw materials for the carborane organic silicon monomer are easily available, and accordingly the carborane organic silicon monomer and the method are suitable for industrial production.




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