Monitoring information synchronization method applied to power industry



Provided is a monitoring information synchronization method applied to the power industry. According to the method, a monitoring information synchronization cloud service platform is set up through cloud service, Internet and other technologies to solve the problems of repeated maintenance of basic data of the industry by companies and data inconsistency and to realize timely and accurate monitoring signal update and synchronization. Because there are information island and network communication problems between companies, the companies are collecting and inputting the monitoring signals of the equipment of a large number of power equipment factories at present. Due to inconsistency in signal specification and scope, there are a lot of repeated work and rework in substation design, construction, commissioning, production and other links, which not only affects the substation construction cycle, but also brings security problems. The platform is set up on the Internet and updates and maintains monitoring information in a unified, standardized and real-time manner, and all companies subscribe to updates from the platform. Therefore, comprehensive monitoring signal sharing is realized, management and production problems caused by inconsistent monitoring data of independent groups are solved, and a data foundation is laid for the building of a stable and reliable power grid.




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