Use of PARP inhibitors to treat breast or ovarian cancer patients showing a loss of heterozygosity


In one embodiment, the subject invention relates to a method for treatment of a breast or ovarian cancer patient that includes receiving assay results stating that the patient's tumor exhibits LOH, and administering a PARP inhibitor. In one embodiment, the subject invention comprising: classifying said cancer patient, with the computer system, as being likely to respond to a PARP inhibitor if the data comprises i) one or more deleterious mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2, or ii) a percentage of the genome having greater than 10 percent LOH as determined by the sum of the lengths of each individual LOH region divided by the total genome length, wherein an LOH region is defined as the presence of homozygosity at multiple contiguous single nucleotides, but excludes whole chromosome or chromosome arm LOH.




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