Broadleaf holly leaf deblocking machine



The invention belongs to the technical field of processing of broadleaf holly leaves, and relates to a broadleaf holly leaf deblocking machine. The broadleaf holly leaf deblocking machine comprises a shell, wherein a tealeaf feeding opening is formed in the upper end of the shell, a tealeaf discharging opening is formed in the lower end of the shell, a deblocking cavity is arranged inside the shell, a plurality of carrier boxes are fixedly connected onto the wall of the feeding opening, the upper end of each carrier box is provided with a hot air blower, a plurality of plastic balls are arranged in each carrier box, the lower end of each carrier box is of a cone and is provided with a ball outlet; and a first clearance plate, a second clearance plate and a guide rail are successively arranged in the deblocking cavity from top to bottom, the guide rail is matched with a slide block in a sliding manner, and a plurality of fork teeth are arranged at the upper end of the slide block. The broadleaf holly leaf deblocking machine is good in a scattering effect, and can be used for effectively reducing the breaking of the tealeaf completeness, and improving the quality of the broadleaf holly leaves.




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