Electromigration testing of interconnect analogues having bottom-connected sensory pins



The invention relates to an electromigration testing of interconnect analogues having bottom-connected sensory pins. A system for electromigration testing is disclosed. The system includes a conductive member, a cap layer of insulative material over at least a portion of a top surface of the conductive member, a cathode conductively connected to a first end of the conductive member; an anode conductively connected to a second end of the conductive member, and a current source conductively connected to the cathode and the anode. A plurality of sensory pins are disposed along a length of the conductive member between the first end and the second end of the conductive member. The sensory pins are conductively connected to a bottom surface of the conductive member. At least one measurement device is conductively connected to at least one sensory pin of the plurality of sensory pins. The at least one measurement device determines a resistance of at least one portion of the conductive member.




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