Sterilization disinfectant capable of promoting wound healing after abdominal operation



The invention discloses a sterilization disinfectant capable of promoting wound healing after abdominal operation. The sterilization disinfectant is prepared from the following active ingredients in parts by weight: 1 part of sodium carboxymethylcellulose, 8-15 parts of povidone-iodine, 6-12 parts of chlorhexidine, 8-12 parts of herba houttuyniae, 5-8 parts of dandelion, 5-9 parts of honeysuckle flowers, 6-8 parts of fructus forsythiae, 5-8 parts of calyx seu fructus physalis, 5-9 parts of rhizome of fimbriatestipulate begonia, 2-5 parts of largeflower jasmine immature flowers, 6-12 parts of caulis spatholobi, 3-8 parts of herb of vaiante spleenwort, and 2-3 parts of radix achyranthis bidentatae. After being treated by the sterilization disinfectant for 1 min, most bacteria can be killed, and the sterilization disinfectant takes effect rapidly and is high in sterilizing rate. In addition, the sterilization disinfectant has the efficacy of obviously promoting the healing of the surgical incision, thus having the significant clinical application advantage.




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