Application of resina draconis to preparation of medicine for treating acute liver injury caused by hepatectomy



The invention discloses application of resina draconis to preparation of a medicine for treating acute liver injury caused by hepatectomy. According to the application, resina draconis is extracted and purified with 85% ethanol twice and reduced-pressure recovery is performed to obtain fluid extract, the concentrate is spray-dried and screened by a 120-mesh screen to obtain resina draconis extract powder, the resina draconis extract powder is suspended in CMC-Na or dissolved with 1%-50% glycerol, filtering is performed by a 0.2mu m filter membrane to obtain a medicine preparation, the medicine preparation is orally administered or injected at a dosage of 0.1-5mg/kg weight, liver function index detection is performed to observe the liver tissue repairing condition, and the results show that the liver function is restored to be normal, so that the resina draconis has the effect of promoting the repairing of liver injury caused by hepatectomy.




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