Granulated product of silt-like substance and method for manufacturing the same



(57)【要約】 【課題】 ダム貯水池浚渫や浄水場或いは下水処理場な らびに建設現場等から発生する高含水比のシルト質物の 新たな資源化・利用法を提供すること。 【解決手段】 高含水比のシルト質物がバインダー添加 なしで平均粒子径1〜10mmの低含水比からなる球形 ペレット状に造粒されてなるシルト質造粒品、及び、高 含水比のシルト質物をバインダー添加なしの団塊状態 で、高速撹拌型造粒機に供給し、加熱乾燥を伴う高速撹 拌による造粒作用で低含水比の球形ペレット状に造粒す るシルト質造粒品の製造方法
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for utilizing a silt-like substance much in water content, which is generated by the dredging of a dam reservoir or from a water purification plant, a sewage disposal plant and a building site, as new resources. SOLUTION: A silt-like granulated product is obtained by granulating the silt-like substance high in water content into a spherical pellet shape with a mean particle size of 1-10 mm low in water content without adding a binder. The silt-like substance high in water content is supplied to a high speed stirring type granulator in a nodule state containing no binder and granulated into a spherical pellet shape low in water content by granulation action due to high speed stirring accompanying heating and drying to manufacture the silt-like granulated product.




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