Active energy ray-curable resin composition for optical stereolithography and optical stereolithography product using the same



【課題】毒性金属不含の貯蔵安定性のよい高透明性の活性エネルギー線硬化性光学的立体造形用樹脂組成物及び光造形物の提供。 【解決手段】カチオン重合開始剤(1)とカチオン重合性化合物を必須成分とし、(1)が式(3)のオニウムフッ素化アルキルフルオロリン酸塩である活性エネルギー線硬化性光学的立体造形用樹脂組成物。 【化1】 [AはVIA族〜VIIA族の原子価mの元素。m=1-2。n=0-3。Rは有機基。Dは式(4)、Eは2価の基、Gは-O-、-S-、-SO-、-SO 2 -、-NH-、-NR’-、-CO-、-COO-、-CONH、炭素数1〜3のアルキレンかフェニレン。a=0〜5。X - は式(5)、Rfは水素原子の80%以上がフッ素原子で置換されたアルキル。b=1〜5] 【選択図】なし
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an active energy ray-curable resin composition for optical stereolithography, which does not include poisonous metals and has excellent storage stability; and also to provide an optical stereolithography product. <P>SOLUTION: The active energy ray-curable resin composition for an optical stereolithography comprises a cationic polymerization initiator (1) and a cation polymerizable compound as essential components, wherein the initiator (1) is an onium fluorinated alkyl fluorophosphoric acid salt represented by formula (3). In the formula: A is an element of atomic valence m belonging to groups VIA-VIIA; m=1-2; n=0-3; R is an organic group; D is represented by formula (4); E is a divalent group; G is -O-, -S-, -SO-, -SO<SB>2</SB>-, -NH-, -NR'-, -CO-, -COO-, -CONH- and 1-3C alkylene or phenylene; a=0-5; X<SP>-</SP>is represented by formula (5); and Rf represents an alkyl whose 80% of H atoms are substituted with fluorine atoms; and b=1-5. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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